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Welcome to the Coré and Sisters Cotton Media and Promotions Page

Coré S. Cotton is an attorney (by trade) and a musician (by passion). She is currently an associate general counsel in the Wealth and Investment Management Division in of the Wells Fargo & Company Law Department ( Charlotte, NC office) who has performed has performed internationally before audiences of thousands to intimate gatherings at the White House.  Coré S. Cotton is an attorney (by trade) and a musician (by passion).  With all her accomplishments on stage and television, and in theater and business she is quick to note that her true musical enjoyment comes from producing, arranging, performing and recording with her sisters, Sisters Cotton, who are her background of choice on her solo work.

Coré's solo work includes a mini-CD, Mother and Child, which pays homage to the family matriarch, Dr. M.Jeanne Cotton, and her three-volume CD, the Timeless Music Series. The series includes Volume One, Romance, a compelling compilation of poignant ballads; Volume Two: Serenity, the "spiritual" Volume featuring Sisters Cotton: and Volume Three: Sass, a warm blend of jazz and soul with Coré serving the last word... her way.

Coré is the youngest member of Sisters Cotton and the group’s principal lead singer, songwriter and arranger.  KoCo’s Vice President and COO, Regina R. Adams (SimplyRA) is the oldest of the sister group members, and a senior executive employee of the federal government.  Completing Sisters Cotton are sisters, Stephanie Butler (Stevie B.), KoCo’s Sales and Marketing Director and entrepreneur, and JoHaan Cotton-Wilson a college administrator of a local community college.

The Sisters’ melodius sound is inherited from their parents, the late Paris Joseph Cotton and Dr. Cotton who both came from generations of musicians and vocalists. Dr. Cotton (formerly known as “Jeanne Darling”) is the matriarch of the Cotton family.  Though the in-between years have kept the Reverend Dr. very busy as Founder, Minister and CEO of Trinity Universal Center, Inc. (a center for positive youth, family and personal development) and Dr. M. Jeanne Dolphus Cotton and Assoc., a counseling firm, she still finds time for her first love—music as evidenced in her latest recording Dr. M. Jeanne Dolphus Cotton Singing About Love.

The Cotton Family have created a family brand of “feel-good” music spanning three generations of musicians, vocalists, music producers and songwriters. Their mark is the ability to hold thousands captive to the sound of their music while delivering a message of love, empowerment and unity.


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