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KoCo Entertainment, Inc. (“KoCo”) is an entertainment services company located in Woodbury, Minnesota. KoCo produces original and re-arranged music as well as stage productions, concerts and motivational presentations that are focused on connecting people through common and timeless themes and challenging people to be their best selves. KoCo’s Founder, President and CEO, Coré, is a singer-songwriter. Coré has recorded, performed and traveled around the world as a featured vocalist with the Grammy-winning Sounds of Blackness (Sounds). She is fondly remembered in the music industry for her vocals on “Optimistic”, from the Sounds’ Grammy-winning debut album, “The Evolution of Gospel”. She has shared venues with such artists as Patty LaBelle, the late Luther Vandross, Amy Grant, BeCe and CeCe Winans, Aretha Franklin, Oleta Adams, the late Isaac Hayes and a host of others. Core’s voice can be heard on recordings with such music greats as Quincy Jones, John Cougar Mellencamp, Sting, Janet Jackson, Barry White and Phil Collins, among others. She has also been prominent on various movie soundtracks including “Mo’ Money,” which garnered her a third Gold Record, and the Posse.

Coré is also an accomplished songwriter as noted on her self-published CD, Mother & Child. Her original music (“Don’t Be Afraid to Dream”) has also appeared on the Sounds projects. In addition to her musical exploits, Coré has taken her voice to the stage with such productions as The Night Before Christmas-A Musical Fantasy (Sounds) and various self-produced projects as her one-woman play, A Woman Evolves, among others. She has performed internationally before audiences of thousands to intimate gatherings at the White House.  Coré’s television credits include: The Tonight Show; The Today Show; Christmas at the White House; The Arsenio Hall Show; The Byron Allen Show; the Stellar Awards; the Essence Awards; the NAACP Image Awards; and the Soul Train Awards. In addition, Coré has appeared at a host of festivals, conferences and summits including the Live Celebration in Japan, the Jack The Rapper Convention, Hammersmith- Odeon in London, Sonesta Koppel in Amsterdam, the United Nations 50th Anniversary Montreaux Jazz Festival in Montreaux, Panafest in Accra & Cape Coast, Ghana, the Cincinnati Jazz Festival in New Orleans, LA, the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC, the Jazz Festival Black Family Reunion in Baltimore, MD and Philadelphia, PA, the Summit of the Eight in Denver, CO and a host of others. Coré is the recipient of various musical honors from Grammy Awards, Essence Awards, Stellar Awards, Soul Train Awards and an International Dance Music Awards to multiple Gold and Platinum records. She is a classic song stylist with the ability to perform any genre of music.

Coré is currently a corporate attorney for a leading financial services institution in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her first love, however, is music and the message that lies therein. Since that debut album with the Sounds, Coré has expanded her musical resume immensely and has received a plethora of honors and awards and musical accolades with and outside of the Sounds.  With all her accomplishments on stage and television, and in theater and business, she is quick to note that her true musical enjoyment comes from producing, arranging, performing and recording with her sisters, “The Sisters Cotton,” who are her background of choice on her solo work; latest offering Timeless Volume One, Romance.

Coré is the youngest member of Sisters Cotton and the group’s principal lead singer, songwriter and arranger. KoCo’s Vice President and COO, Regina R. Adams (SimplyRA) is the oldest of the sister group members and a senior executive employee of the federal government.  Completing Sisters Cotton are sisters Stephanie Butler (Stevie B.), KoCo’s Sales and Marketing Director and entrepreneur, and JoHaan Cotton-Wilson a college administrator of a local community college. All of the sisters are accomplished musicians in their own right as can be heard on Serenity, Timeless Volume Two as each girl takes turns at lead.  The Sisters have performed in such varied venues as Gospelfests, penal system programs, Juneteenth celebrations, musicals, music concerts, sorority and fraternity events, and various other corporate and private functions. One need only hear them to feel the spiritual center and familial unity that reaches the soul and touches the heart of listeners, holding them captive to the joy, peace and comfort emanating from the angelic and enriching Sisters Cotton sound.

The Sisters’ magnanimous sound is inherited from their parents, the late Paris Joseph Cotton and Dr. M. Jeanne Dolphus Cotton who both came from generations of musicians and vocalists. Dr. Cotton (formerly known as “Jeanne Darling”) is the matriarch of the Cotton family. She began her professional singing career as the lead singer of the self-named group, Jeanne and the Darlings, produced by Isaac Hayes and David Porter. The group was composed of two of her sisters and her oldest daughter, Paula. The group was known for their harmonic blend of voices resident in gospel choirs of the South and girl groups of her time. Jeanne and the Darlings recorded for STAX/Volt Records and performed nationally and internationally with Otis Redding, The Staple Singers, Isaac Hayes, Carla Thomas, Sam Cooke, Eddie Floyd, Johnnie Taylor and Sam and Dave. The group’s recordings include “How Can You Mistreat the One You Love”, “That Man of Mine”, “What Will Later On Be Like”, “All of These Changes”, “Singing About Love”, “It’s Unbelievable”, and "Soul Girl” which was the female response to the Sam and Dave hit “Soul Man”.  Jeanne and the Darlings performed as studio background vocals with Booker T. & the MGs as the studio band for many STAX/Volt top solo recording artists, and can be heard on such timeless songs as “Dreams to Remember” by Otis Redding.

Though the in-between years have kept the Reverend Dr. very busy as Founder, Minister and CEO of Trinity Universal Center, Inc. (a center for positive youth, family and personal development) and Dr. M. Jeanne Dolphus Cotton and Assoc., a counseling firm, she still finds time for her first love—music as evidenced in her latest recording Dr. M. Jeanne Dolphus Cotton Singing About Love.   Singing About Love debuts remakes of some of her self-written STAX works, as well as the realization of a life-long dream to record with her daughters, Sisters Cotton joined by eldest daughter Paula. Jeanne is forever working on solo music projects (composing and arranging), conducting motivational seminars, delivering a Sunday morning message, or counseling families,; but she’s never too busy and always quick to join her daughters on stage, adding to that very special blend of the Cotton harmonies. Hers is a “signature voice” that resonates with the experience of decades and is so soulful.

Sisters Cotton and Family have created a family brand of “feel-good” music spanning three generations of musicians, vocalists, music producers and songwriters. This family of music professionals comprises four artist acts:  Coré; Dr. M. J. Cotton; Sisters Cotton; and Sisters Cotton & Family, all great acts individually and collectively. Their trademark is the ability to hold thousands captive to the sound of their music while delivering a message of love, empowerment and unity.

For more information on Coré and the KoCo Entertainment presentations, or to reserve a KoCo Entertainment presentation for your school, community, or corporate event or concert needs,  contact:

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KoCo Entertainment is currently in production of the third of the Timeless CD trilogy entitled Sass, coming to you late summer or early fall.  Sass Coré’s next release, is proving to be the glue that is bringing the project full circle.  It too promises to be “real music” both musically and lyrically relevant to music lovers of all eras.

For more information on Sisters Cotton and Sisters Cotton & Family church, social or organization event performances, corporate events, or concerts, please contact:

Regina R. Adams, Business Manager

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For more information on Dr. M. J. Dolphus Cotton presentations or to reserve a MJDCA or Trinity Universal Center presentation or motivational speaking event, for your school, church, community event or concert needs, contact:

Eleanor Murkey, Project Coordinator



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